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What is the EB-2 green card option?

EB-2 is an immigrant petition to apply for a green card. Employees with advanced degrees or employees with specific credentials qualify for this option.

An EB-2 approval puts your employee on a path to getting a green card.

Two paths to qualify for EB-2

Does the employee have an advanced degree or meet the requirements for exceptional ability?

  • A Master's degree or higher (PhD) OR a foreign degree equivalent to a U.S. Master's degree
  • A Bachelor's degree and five years of post-Bachelor progressive work experience

Three of the following six criteria

  • A related degree, diploma, or certificate from a university
  • 10 years of related full-time experience
  • A license of certification to practice relevant profession
  • Salary that is above the 70th percentile
  • Membership in a professional association
  • Strong letters of reference from peers

Fast track your employees' access to green cards

Bypass the lengthy PERM process with the National Interest Waiver

National Interest Waiver for EB-2

Individuals who qualify for EB-2 may also qualify for the National Interest Waiver. Candidates must pass a 3-part test.

Will the employee’s work create jobs, change an industry or have an impact on the national economy, business or technology?
An electrical engineer whose work improves energy efficiency for residences.
Demonstrate past success and future plans. Do you have patents, investors, or awards? Do you have a business plan?
A startup founder who has received funding and is a member of an accelerator to grow their business.
Is the work time sensitive, do you play a critical role, or would progress slow without your presence in the U.S.?
A critical employee at a biotech company to develop early detection of COVID-19 tests.

Learn more about the National Interest Waiver


Employers win talent by offering a path to a green card

  • Employees are grateful to employers who support their lifelong dreams
  • Offer green card benefits to incentivize performance
  • Compete with the largest employers, who all offer green cards
  • Offer green cards to employees who stay
  • Never worry about employees being stranded across borders
  • Let employees build long-term life plans that include your company
  • Happier employees can focus on work and not on deportation
  • HR can focus on strategic solutions instead of paperwork
  • Green cards reduce employee stress and anxiety

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